Nr. 425 (2010)

Proceedings of the 10th International Working Conference on Stored Product Protection

27 June to 2 July 2010, Estoril, Portugal

Edited by:
M. O. Carvalho, P. G. Fields, C. S. Adler, F. H. Arthur, C. G. Athanassiou, J. F. Campbell, F. Fleurat-Lessard, P. W. Flinn, R. J. Hodges, A. A. Isikber, S. Navarro, R. T. Noyes, J. Riudavets, K. K. Sinha, G. R. Thorpe, B. H. Timlick, P. Trematerra, N. D. G. White



Preface PDF
  S. VII
Table of Contents PDF
  S. XIV

Section: Around the World of Stored-Product Protection

Research on stored product protection in Australia: a review of past, present and future directions PDF
P. J. Collins S. 3
Stored products research in Europe – a very personal perspective! PDF
P. Credland S. 14
Stored product protection in Africa: Past, present and future PDF
E. N. Nukenine S. 26
Overview of North American stored product research PDF
J. E. Throne S. 42
The major achievements of grain storage in P. R. China PDF
J.-J. Wang, Y.-X. Deng, W. Dou, Z.-L. Yang, T.-K. Jiang S. 50
Challenges and characteristics of the South American grain and oilseed postharvest system PDF
R. Bartosik S. 57

Section: Biology, Behavior and Detection

Implications of the Tribolium genome project for pest biology PDF
R. W. Beeman, Y. Arakane, T. W. Phillips, S. Muthukrishnan S. 63
Investigation of the semiochemicals of confused flour beetle Tribolium confusum Jaquelin du Val and grain weevil Sitophilus granarius (L.) in stored wheat grain and flour PDF
N. A. Abuelnnor, P. R. H. Jones, N. M. Ratcliffe, B. De Lacy Costello, P. T. N. Spencer-Phillips S. 72
Efficiency comparison of three attractant products against webbing clothes moth Tineola bisselliella (Hummel) (Lepidoptera: Tineidae) using an adapted four arms olfactometer PDF
I. Arnault, M. Decoux, D. De Reyer, J. Auger S. 77
Pheromone traps for monitoring Plodia interpunctella (Hübner) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) in the presence of mating disruption PDF
C. S. Burks, D. G. Brandl, L. P. S. Kuenen, C. C. Reyes, J. M. Fisher S. 79
Genetic structure of Tribolium castaneum populations in mills PDF
A. A. Semeao, J. F. Campbell, R. W. Beeman, R. J. Whitworth, P. E. Sloderbeck, M. D. Lorenzen S. 85
Molecular markers for Psocoptera species identification PDF
F. C. Ceruti, S. M. N. Lazzari S. 90
Tricorynus rudepunctatus (PIC) (Coleoptera: Anobiidae): Diagnosis and damage PDF
F. C. Ceruti, S. M. N. Lazzari, G. H. R. Neto S. 91
Hylotrupes bajulus (L.) (Col., Cerambycidae): nutrition and attacked material PDF
E. Chiappini, P. Molinari, M. Busconi, M. Callegari, C. Fogher, P. Bani S. 97
Resistance management and the ecology of Rhyzopertha dominica (F.) and Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) in subtropical Australia PDF
G. J. Daglish, A. W. Ridley, G. H. Walter S. 104
On automatic bioacoustic detection of stored product pests: the case of Sitophilus oryzae PDF
I. Potamitisa, T. Ganchev, D. C. Kontodimas, P. A. Eliopoulos S. 110
A systemic approach of qualitative changes in the stored wheat ecosystem: prediction of deterioration risks in unsafe storage conditions in relation to relative humidity, infestation by Sitophilus oryzae (L.), and variety influence PDF
R. Fourar-Belaifa, F. Fleurat-Lessard, Z. Bouznad S. 111
Conscent PE mating disruption system is an effective alternative to methyl bromide for the control of stored product moths PDF
M. N. Hassan, S. Al-Zaidi S. 118
Behavioural effects of pheromone-based control system, ExosexTM SPTab, on male Indianmeal moth, Plodia interpunctella PDF
N. J. Huggett, C. G. Storm, M. J. Smith S. 119
Study on volatile compounds in rice by HS-SPME and GC-MS PDF
J.-Y. Lin, W. Fan, Y.-N. Gao, S.-F. Wu, S.-X. Wang S. 125
External egg morphology of common stored-product pests from the families Anobiidae (Ptininae) and Dermestidae (Coleoptera) PDF
Z. Kučerová, J. Hromádková, V. Stejskal S. 135
Intra and interspecific variation assessment in Psocoptera using near spectoscopy PDF
S. M. N. Lazzari, F. C. Ceruti, J. I. Rodriguez-Fernandez, G. Opit, F. A. Lazzari S. 139
From RFLP, specific primer to DNA barcoding: preliminary study on molecular identification of common stored product psocid PDF
Z. Li, Z. Kučerová, S. Zhao, M. Qin, G. P. Opit, V. Stejskal, J. Kalinovic, Q. Yang S. 145
Egg hatching at different temperatures and relative humidities in Idaea inquinata (Scopoli) (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) PDF
L. Limonta, M. Stampini, D. P. Locatelli S. 147
How methodical approaches affects results of pest sampling in stores and counting in laboratory PDF
J. Lukas, Z. Kučerová, R. Aulický, V. Stejskal S. 150
Some biological characteristics of the Batrachedra amydraula Meyrick (Lepidoptera: Batrachedridae) on main varieties of dry and semi-dry date palm of Iran PDF
N. Shayesteh, A. Marouf, M. Amir-Maafi S. 151
The influence of a DDGS diet on the development and oviposition rate of Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) PDF
M. Fardisi, L. J. Mason, E. J. Klein S. 156
Mating disruption field trials on Plodia interpunctella (Hubner) PDF
D. Mueller S. 160
The chemical composition of egg plugs deposited by Sitophilus granarius L. females on grain PDF
Z. Szewczuk, P. Stefanowicz, J. Nawrot S. 161
Resistance of strains of rice weevil, Sitophilus oryzae (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) to pirimiphos methyl PDF
O. O. Odeyemi, M. O. Ashamo, R. O. Akinkurolere, A. A. Olatunji S. 167
Ecological Studies of the Psocids Liposcelis brunnea, L. rufa, L. pearmani, and Lepinotus reticulatus PDF
G. P. Opit, S. G. Gautam, B. A. Aminatou, J. E. Throne S. 173
Applications of semiochemicals for managing stored-product insects: research and product development PDF
T. W. Phillips, R. M. Mahroof, M. M. Hasan, P. A. Edde, M. Campos-Figueroa S. 180
Regulation of the pheromone biosynthetic pathway in the Indian meal moth PDF
O. Tsfadia, A. Zada, W. Roelofs, A. Rafaeli S. 181
Are the volatile chemicals from wheat and grain insect (Tribolium castaneum(Herbst), Rhyzopertha dominica (F.) and Sitophilus granarius (L.)) related with inter-communication between insects and host? PDF
YL. Ren, S. Macfadyen, J. Desmarchelier S. 182
Efficacy of pheromone-based control system, Exosex™ SPTab, against moth pests in European food processing facilities PDF
G. Pease, C. G. Storm S. 183
Monitoring of arthropod infestations on high quality hard wheat in southern Italy PDF
P. Suma, A. Russo, I. La Torre, G. Gallo S. 190
Invasion and threats of Acanthoscelides obtectus (Say) (Coleloptera: Bruchidae) to kidney beans in India - a first record PDF
D. R. Thakur S. 193
Seasonal dynamics of three lepidopteran stored grain pests in Slovenia PDF
S. Trdan, M. Kač, M. Vidrih, Z. Laznik S. 197
Partial characterization of glutathione S-transferases from different field populations of Liposcelis bostrychophila PDF
W. Dou, J.-Z. Niu, L.-S. Xiao, Y.-X. Deng, J.-J. Wang S. 202
Development, relative retention, and fecundity of Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) on different starches PDF
M. Xue, B. Subramanyam, Y.-C. Shi, J. Campbell, M. Hartzer S. 207
National investigations of stored grain arthropods in China PDF
X. Yan, H. Zhou, Z. Shen, W. Li, D. Guo, Y. Song, S. Lan, J. Zhang S. 212

Section: Engineering

Protecting and disinfesting stored products by drying and cooling, and disinfesting stored products during handling by mechanical treatments PDF
S. J. Beckett S. 219
Economic decision-making model for best ozonation treatment system for storedproduct protection PDF
D. E. Maier, C. A. Campabadal S. 229
Comparison of leakage rates of methyl bromide and sulfuryl fluoride during structural fumigations PDF
D. E. Maier, B. Subramanyam, W. Chayaprasert S. 230
A simplified and improved modeling approach for the structural fumigation process using computational fluid dynamics PDF
W. Chayaprasert, D. E. Maier, B. Subramanyam S. 237
The specific heat of wheat PDF
Y. Cao, G. Li, Z. Zhang, L. Chen, Y. Li, T. Zhang S. 243
Dust explosions: A report on recent major explosions in Argentina and Brazil PDF
R. D. Hajnal S. 250
Identification of stored-grain insects using microwave/RF electric fields PDF
C. L. Jones S. 256
The sorption isosteric heats of rice grains in China PDF
X.-J. Li, Z.-D. Wu, Z.-J. Zhang, H. Lu, J.-Y. Lin, Y. Cao S. 257
Effects of preconditioning on quality of dried blueberries PDF
P. Somsong, G. Srzednicki, I. Konczak, V. Lohachoompol S. 264
Effect of nut-in-shell storage conditions on volatile profile in macadamia nuts PDF
W. Srichamnong, M. Wootton, G. Srzednicki S. 270
Modelling of Seed Drying in Fluidised and Spouted Bed Dryers PDF
W. Jittanit, G. Srzednicki, R. Driscoll S. 275
Omni-science: transformative approaches to postharvest technology PDF
G. Thorpe S. 281
Research on the space temperature control of grain bins with groundwater and heat exchanger PDF
Y. Shen, J. Xu, Z. Wu, B. Gao, G. Cao, T. Zhang S. 289
Study on In-store drying technology of paddy in China PDF
D. Guo, J. Yang, H. Luo, P. Fu, S. Wang, Y. Li S. 295

Section: Fumigation, Modified Atmospheres and Hermetic Storage

Quo Vadis the fumigants? PDF
M. Emekci S. 303
Cost Comparison of Methyl Bromide and Sulfuryl Fluoride (ProFume®) for Fumigating Food Processing Facilities, Warehouses, and Cocoa Beans PDF
B. D. Adam, E. L. Bonjour, J. T. Criswell S. 314
Presentation of results of fumigation of different commodities with resistant insect using quickphlo-r phosphine PDF
P. P. Asher S. 322
Storage of canola in hermetic plastic bags PDF
R. E. Bartosik, D. A. De la Torre, D. C. Ochandio, L. M. Cardoso, J. C. Rodríguez, J. Massigoge S. 323
Storage of quality malting barley in hermetic plastic bags PDF
D. C. Ochandio, L. M. Cardoso, R. E. Bartosik, D. A. De la Torre, J. C. Rodríguez, J. Massigoge S. 331
Non-chemical on-farm hermetic maize storage in east Africa PDF
A. Yakubu, C. J. Bern, J. R. Coats, T. B. Bailey S. 338
Continuous ozonation treatment systems as other alternative more efficient grain protection technologies PDF
D. E. Maier, C. A. Campabadal, C. P. Woloshuk, L. Mason S. 346
Structural fumigation efficacy against Tribolium castaneum in flour mills PDF
J. F. Campbell, M. D. Toews, F. H. Arthur, R. T. Arbogast S. 352
Methyl iodide: a potential fumigant for post-harvest and quarantine disinfestation PDF
Y. Ciesla, P. Ducom, J. Fritsch S. 358
New prospects for Ethyl formate as a fumigant for the date industry PDF
S. Finkelman, E. Lendler, S. Navarro, H. Navarro, G. Ashbell S. 359
Methyl bromide and sulfuryl fluoride effectiveness against red flour beetle life stages PDF
M. Hartzer, B. Subramanyam, W. Chayaprasert, D. E. Maier, S. Savodelli, J. F. Campbell, P. W. Flinn S. 365
Fumigant toxicity of garlic essential oil in combination with carbon dioxide (CO2) against stored-product insects PDF
A. A. Işikber S. 371
Improvement of phosphine fumigation by the use of Speedbox PDF
M. Kostyukovsky, A. Trostanetsky, G. Yasinov, M. Menasherov, T. Hazan S. 377
Half-life time of ozone as a function of air conditions and movement PDF
J. D. McClurkin, D. E. Maier S. 381
Ozone technology in the post-harvest storage environment- a comparison of efficacy of high doses of ozone to insects treated under laboratory conditions and field conditions PDF
M. X. McDonough, L. J. Mason, C. Woloshuk, C. Campabadal S. 386
How is sulfuryl fluoride performing as a methyl bromide alterative? PDF
J. B Mueller S. 389
A novel approach to the protection of cocoa beans by preventing free fatty acid formation under hermetic storage PDF
S. Navarro, H. Navarro, S. Finkelman, W. A. Jonfia-Essien S. 390
Developing strategies to manage highly phosphine resistant populations of flat grain beetles in large bulk storages in Australia PDF
M. Nayak, J. Holloway, H. Pavic, M. Head, R. Reid, C. Patrick S. 396
Integration of monoterpenoids with low pressure simulating vacuum for control of diapausing Indian meal moth larvae and red flour beetle adults PDF
G. Mbata, M. J. Pascual-Villalobos S. 402
Evaluation of headspace Solid Phase Micro-extraction method for analysis of phosphine residues in wheat PDF
Y. L. Ren, B. Padovan S. 407
The use of carbon dioxide in big bags and containers for the control of pest in food products PDF
M. J. Pons, A. G. Camara, S. Guri, J. Riudavets S. 414
Pre-Mix and on-site mixing of fumigants PDF
R. F. Ryan, W. P. Shore S. 419
ETHOXOFUME 1000 (EtO): methyl bromide alternative update PDF
R. F. Ryan, J. Nicolson, S. R. Bishop S. 423
Destruction of toxic and environmental harmful gases PDF
R. F. Ryan, J. B. McMahon S. 427
Phosphine generator trial using external air dilution PDF
R. F. Ryan, W. P. Shore, C. J. E. Newman S. 430
Alternative fumigants to methyl bromide for the control of pest infestation in grain and dry food products PDF
E. Shaaya, M. Kostyukovsky S. 433
Life stage and resistance effects in modelling phosphine fumigation of Rhyzopertha dominica (F.) PDF
J. Thorne, G. Fulford, A. Ridley, D. Schlipalius, P. Collins S. 438
New Applications of Hermetic Storage for Grain Storage and Transport PDF
P. Villers, S. Navarro, T. De Bruin S. 446
Mortality time of immature stages of susceptible and resistant strains of Sitophilus oryzae (L.) exposed to different phosphine concentrations PDF
D. Wang, X. Ma, K. Bian S. 452
Fumigation activities of ethyl formate on different strains of Liposcelis bostrychophila PDF
Y.-X. Deng, J.-J. Wang, W. Dou, Z.-L. Yang, T.-K. Jiang S. 459
A study of fumigation toxicity of horseradish essential oil against two stored grain insects PDF
L.-D. Xie, Y.-P. He, S.-S. Chen, L. Xu, J. He S. 464
Generation of phosphine gas for the control of grain storage pests PDF
B.-X. Zhao S. 469
Study on the mortality of the stored-grain insects adults in different concentrations of low oxygen PDF
Y. Cao, S. Gao, G. Qu, Y. Li, G. Li S. 476

Section: Microbiology, Mycotoxins and Food Safety

Elimination of Post-harvest and Pre-Harvest Aflatoxin Contamination PDF
D. Bhatnagar S. 484
Aspects of the methodology validation for light filth in fruit pulp PDF
M. N. Dimov, M. B. Atui, A. M. Silva, M. A. M. Marciano, V. P. A. Franco, L. B. Chasin, L. A. Silva, M. I. A. Fioravanti, M. M. L. Oliveira S. 485
Evaluation of contamination for extraneous materials in “sun meat” sold in the “houses of the north” in the municipality of Diadema (SP, Brazil) PDF
T. A. Mennuci, M. A. M. Marciano, M. B. Atui, A. Poli Neto, P. M. L. Germano S. 489
Assessment of hygienic conditions of ground pepper (Piper nigrum L.) on the market in São Paulo city, by means of two methodologies for detecting the light filth PDF
M. B. Atui, M. J. Castejon, R. Yamashiro, T. De Lucca, P. W. Flinn S. 495
Toxigenic fungi in maize (maize) stored in hermetic plastic bags PDF
C. Castellari, F. Marcos Valle, J. Mutti, L. Cardoso, R. Bartosik S. 501
Monitoring carbon dioxide concentration for early detection of spoilage in stored grain PDF
D. E. Maier, L. H. Channaiah, A. Martinez-Kawas, J. S. Lawrence, E. V. Chaves, P. C. Coradi, G. A. Fromme S. 505
Aspergillus flavus infection and aflatoxin contamination in peanuts stored at wholesale and retail levels in Bandung, Bogor and Jakarta (West Java, Indonesia) PDF
O. S. Dharmaputra, I. Retnowati, S. Ambarwati S. 510
Multivariate analysis of the temporal changes of fungal communities in unsafe storage conditions of some common wheat varieties in relation to relative humidity level and rice weevil infestation PDF
F. Fleurat-Lessard, R. Fourar-Belaifa, Z. Bouznad S. 518
Effect of essential oils from Eucalyptus on the growth of aflatoxigenic species PDF
E. M. Da Gloria, B. Mengai, G. Steffen Almeida, N. C. Cuccovia Mazzotti, C. Tadeu dos Santos Dias, R. Moreira e Moreira, I. Gomes Viera, M. F. G. F. Da Silva, S. Cruz Silva, M. A. Calori Domingues S. 527
Aflatoxin control and prevention strategies in maize for Sub-Saharan Africa PDF
K. Hell, C. Mutegi, P. Fandohan S. 534
The use of essential oils to protect rice from storage fungi PDF
A. Magro, O. Matos, M. Bastos, M. Carolino, A. Lima, A. Mexia S. 542
Ozone treatment effects on microbial count on maize PDF
J. D. McClurkin, D. E. Maier S. 548
Bt maize: a tool for improving food safety of grains at harvest PDF
C. Regnaut-Roger, L. Folcher, M. Delos, M. Jarry, A. Weissenberger, N. Eychenne S. 553
Effect of oxygen reducing atmospheres on the quality and safety of stored shelled Brazil nut packs PDF
V. M. Scussel, A. C. Tanello, B. N. Giordano, D. Manfio, S. Galvão, M. N. F. Rodrigues S. 560
Reduction of in-shell Brazil nut (Bertholletia excelsa H.B.K.) aflatoxin contamination by ozone gas application during storage PDF
B. N. E. Giordano, V. Simao, D. Manfio, S. Galvao, J. N. Scussel, V. M. Scussel S. 566
Use of technology radiation as a method of reducing the microorganism and conservation postharvest of caja during storage PDF
J. M. Silva, L. C. S. A. Correira, N. P. De Moura, M. I. S. Maciel, H. P. Villar S. 573
Antifungal activity of extracts of Ocimum gratissimum and Aframomum danielli against moulds isolated from stored rice PDF
S. A. Bankole, Y. M. Somorin S. 578
Can ozone fumigation effectively reduce aflatoxin B1 and other mycotoxins contamination on stored grain? PDF
S. Wang, H. Liu, J. Lin, Y. Cao S. 582
Contribution of the light filth method to the Integrated Pest Management of a flour mill PDF
P. Trematerra, S. Catalano S. 589

Section: Non-Chemical Control

Biological control of stored-product insects in commodities, food processing facilities and museums PDF
M. Schöller S. 596
Bio-rational control of red flour beetle Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) in stored wheat with Calneem® oil derived from neem seeds PDF
C. Adarkwah, D. Obeng-Ofori, C. Büttner, C. Reichmuth, M. Schöller S. 607
Low temperature to control Plodia interpunctella and Stegobium paniceum PDF
C. Adler S. 608
Repellent activity of two medicinal plant essential oils on Tribolium castaneum and Ephestia kuehniella PDF
H. Akrami, S. Moharramipour, S. Imani S. 614
Potential of plant products as protectants of stored maize against Sitophilus zeamais Motschulsky (Coleoptera:Curculionidae) PDF
C. Conceição, A. Barbosa, O. Matos, A. Mexia S. 615
Structural heat treatments against Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae): effect of flour depth, life stage and floor. PDF
M. Brijwani, B. Subramanyam, P. W. Flinn, M. R. Langemeier S: 622
Non-chemical alternative in rice storage: the use of refrigeration for insect control and quality maintenance of paddy rice PDF
A. Barbosa, M. O. Carvalho, G. Barros, I. Pires, J. Riudavets, S. Navarro S. 628
The effect of ultraviolet C radiation on stored-product pests PDF
D. A. Collins, L. Kitchingman S. 632
Survival of adults and larvae of grain beetles at lethal low temperature PDF
P. A. Eliopoulos, G. Z. Prasodimou, A. V. Pouliou S. 637
Impact of kaolin-based particle film dusts on Callosobruchus maculatus (F.) and C. chinenesis (L.) after different storage periods of treated broad bean seeds PDF
A. E.-G. M. Mahmoud, O. A. El-Sebai, A. A. Shahen, A. A. Marzouk S. 638
The effect of diapause, cold acclimation and ice-nucleating bacteria on the coldhardiness of Plodia interpunctella. PDF
P. G. Fields, B. Timlick S. 647
Insecticidal properties of whole meal or protein extracts of the bean seeds Phaseolus vulgaris L. on juvenile stages of Callosobruchus maculatus (F.) (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) PDF
F. Mouhouche, F. Karbache, F. Fleurat-Lessard S. 654
Heat treatment: A viable methyl bromide alternative for managing stored-product insects in food-processing facilities PDF
R. Hulasare, B. Subramanyam, P. G. Fields, A. Y. Abdelghany S. 661
Suppression of the population of Lasioderma serricorne in stored tobacco by relocation of warehouses to cooler areas. PDF
T. Imai S. 668
The control of the drugstore beetle, Stegobium paniceum (Coleoptera: Anobiidae) with high and low temperatures PDF
A. Abdelghany, S. S. Awadalla, N. F. Abdel-Baky, H. A. EL-Syrafi, P. G. Fields S. 671
Egg removal device for the management of three stored product pests PDF
S. A. Jayaprakash, S. Mohan, K. Ramaraju S. 673
Development and comparison of two models to predict survival rates of young larvae of Stegobium paniceum (L.) (Coleoptera: Anobiidae) under heat treated temperatures PDF
F. Jian, D. S. Jayas, P. G. Fields, A. Y. Abdelghany S. 678
Radio frequency treatments for insect disinfestation of dried legumes PDF
J. A. Johnson, S. Wang, J. Tang S. 688
Effectiveness of flameless catalytic infrared radiation against life stages of three stored-product insect species in stored wheat PDF
M. Khamis, B. Subramanyam, H. Dogan, P. W. Flinn, J. A. Gwirtz S. 695
Laboratory evaluation of diatomaceous earth against main stored product insects PDF
M. Kostyukovsky, A. Trostanetsky, M. Menasherov, G. Yasinov, T. Hazan S. 701
Analysis of monoterpenoids in inclusion complexes with β-cyclodextrin and study on ratio effect in these microcapsules. PDF
M. D. López, M. J. Pascual-Villalobos S. 705
Environmentally friendly technologies to maintain stored paddy rice quality PDF
F. A. Lazzari, S. M. N. Lazzari, F. N. Lazzari S. 710
Contact and fumigant activity of 1,8-cineole, eugenol and camphor against Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) PDF
A. Liska, V. Rozman, I. Kalinovic, M. Ivecic, R. Balicevic S. 716
Penetration ability of Holepyris sylvanidis into the feeding substrate of its host Tribolium confusum PDF
S. Lorenz, C. Adler, C. Reichmuth S. 721
Liotryphon punctulatus (Ratzeburg, 1848) (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) – a parasitoid of Ephestia kuehniella larvae PDF
J. Lukas, V. Stejskal S. 726
Using aeration and insulation to reduce grain temperature in China grain warehouses PDF
J. Lu, Q. Zhu, S. Jia, X. An, F. Wang S. 729
Insecticidal effect of anisaldehyde against Acanthoscelides obtectus and Callosobruchus maculatus (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) PDF
A. F. Ndomo, L. A. Tapondjou, F. M. Tchouanguep S. 735
Distribution of insect pests and their natural enemies in a barley pile PDF
C. Belda, J. Riudavets S. 741
Biological activity of essential oils of Alpinia conchigera rhizome against Sitophilus zeamais and Tribolium castaneum PDF
D. Suthisut, P. G. Fields, A. Chandrapatya S. 746
Mass trapping of Ephestia kuehniella Zeller in a traditional flour mill PDF
P. Trematerra, P. Gentile S. 748
Comparing flower nectar and artificial diet on the longevity and progeny production of Trichogramma turkestanica PDF
A. S. Tuncbilek, N. Cinar, U. Canpolat S. 754
Suppression of Sitophilus zeamais Motschulsky by the ectoparasitoid, Anisopteromalus calandrae (Howard) PDF
P. Visarathanonth, R. Kengkanpanich, J. Uraicheun, J. Thongpan S. 755
Progress in the development of a biopesticide for the structural treatment of grain stores PDF
M. E. Wakefield, D. Moore, B. Luke, B. Taylor, C. G. Storm, D. A. Collins, P. Grammare, O. Potin S. 760
Study on the insecticidal activity compounds of the essential oil from Syzygium aromaticum against stored grain insect pests PDF
L. Zeng, C. Z. Lao, Y. J. Cen, L. Zeng, G. W. Liang S. 766
Combination of Bacillus thuringiensis and Habrobracon hebetor for the biological control of Plodia interpunctella PDF
R. O. Akinkurolere, H. Zhang S. 772

Section: Residual Insecticides - Synthetic and Botanical

Residual insecticides, inert dusts and botanicals for the protection of durable stored products against pest infestation in developing countries PDF
D. Obeng-Ofori S. 774
Residual efficacy of aerosols to control Tribolium castaneum and Tribolium confusum PDF
F. H. Arthur S. 789
Management of the yam moth, Dasyses rugosella Stainton, a pest of stored yam tubers (Dioscorea spp.) using plant products PDF
M. O. Ashamo S. 793
Effect of four powdered spices as repellents against adults of Rhyzopertha dominica (F.), Sitophilus granarius (L.) and Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) in laboratory conditions PDF
N. Shayesteh, S. Ashouri S. 799
Efficacy of insecticides for control of stored-product psocids PDF
C. G. Athanassiou, F. H. Arthur, J. E. Throne, G. P. Opit, M. M. Hasan, M. J. Aikins, T. W. Phillips, N. G. Kavallieratos S. 805
Efficacy of dust formulations of spinosad for controlling insects infesting stored wheat PDF
E. L. Bonjour, G. P. Opit S. 815
Horizontal transfer of methoprene in Tribolium castaneum PDF
A. M. Tucker, J. Campbell, F. H. Arthur, K. Y. Zhu S. 819
Deltamethrin residues through the food chain industries PDF
C. Cognard S. 825
Cross-contamination of oilseeds by insecticide residues during storage PDF
S. Dauguet, F. Fleurat-Lessard, J. Loison S. 827
Toxicity of powder and extracts of Zanthoxylum zanthoxyloides Lam (Rutaceae) root bark from Nigeria to three storage beetles PDF
A. A. Denloye, W. A. Makanjuola, O. Ajelara, O. J. Akinlaye, R. A. Olowu, O. A. Lawal S. 833
A comparison of the effect of two diatomaceous earth formulations on Plodia interpunctella (Hübner) and the effect of different commodities on diatomaceous earth efficacy PDF
B. Timlick, P. G. Fields S. 840
Altered proteolytic and amydolytic activity in insecticide-susceptible and -resistant strains of the maize weevil, Sitophilus zeamais PDF
L. B. Silva, K. V. G. Lopes, M. G. A. Oliveira, R. N. C. Guedes S. 845
Physiological and behavioral resistance to esfenvalerate + fenitrothion in populations of the maize weevil, Sitophilus zeamais PDF
A. S. Corrêa, E. M. G. Cordeiro, L. S. Braga, E. J. G. Peireira, R. N. C. Guedes S. 851
Long term effectiveness of the mixture of diatomaceous earth and deltamethrin on wheat PDF
Z. Korunic, I. Kalinovic, A. Liska, D. Hamel S. 858
Laboratory evaluation of insecticidal effectiveness of a natural zeolite formulation against Sitophilus oryzae (L.), Rhyzopertha dominica (F.) and Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) in treated wheat PDF
P. Kljajić, G. Andrić, M. Adamović, M. Pražić Golić S. 863
Susceptibility of red flour beetle Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) populations from Serbia to contact insecticides PDF
G. Andrić, P. Kljajić, I. Perić, M. Pražić Golić S. 869
Bioefficacy of plant derivatives on the repellency, damage assessment and progeny production of the cowpea weevil, Callosobruchus maculatus (F.) (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) PDF
K. Murugan S. 874
Efficacy of diatomaceous earth and botanical powders against the maize weevil, Sitophilus zeamais Motschulsky (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) on maize PDF
E. K. Nukenine, J. W. Goudoungou, C. Adler, C. Reichmuth S. 881
Australian national residue survey – closing the loop on pesticide residue risk management for Australian grain PDF
I. Reichstein, K. Healy, A. James, B. Murray S. 888
A synergistic mixture of diatomaceous earth and deltamethrin to control stored grain insects PDF
C. Korunic, V. Rozman S. 894
Field trials with the diatomaceous earth SilicoSec® for treatment of empty rooms and bulk grain PDF
M. Schöller, C. Reichmuth S. 899
Efficacy of propionic acid against the granary weevil Sitophilus granarius (L.) PDF
S. Lorenz S. 906
A novel natural insecticide molecule for grain protection PDF
Y. Rajashekar, T. Shivanandappa S. 910
Human behaviour and application of residual insecticides to control storage and food industry pests PDF
V. Stejskal, R. Aulický S. 916
Insecticidal action of the combined use of spinosad and deltamethrin against three storedproduct pests in two stored hard-wheat varieties. PDF
B. J. Vayias, N. G. Kavallieratos, C. G. Athanassiou, G. Tatsi S. 919
Mortality and suppression of progeny production of Sitophilus oryzae (L.) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) and Tribolium confusum Jacquelin du Val (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) in seven different grains treated with an enhanced diatomaceous earth formulation PDF
N. G. Kavallieratos, C. G. Athanassiou, B. J. Vayias, M. Boukouvala S. 923
Influence of temperature and relative humidity on the efficacy of diatomaceous earth and Metarhizium anisopliae (Metschinkoff) Sorokin (Hyphomycetes: Deuteromycotina) against Tyrophagus fatimii F. (Astigmata: Acaridae) PDF
W. Wakil, M. U. Ghazanfar, F. Mustafa S. 930
Efficacy assessment of diatomaceous earth against Callosobruchus maculatus (F.) (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) on gram at different temperature and relative humidity regimes PDF
W. Wakil, M. U. Ghazanfar, M. Ashfaq, K. Ali, T. Riasat S. 936
Effects of methoprene on extreme temperature tolerance and reproduction of Tribolium castaneum (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) PDF
L. K. W. Wijayaratne, P. G. Fields S. 942
Evaluation of inert dusts against phosphine resistant strains of Cryptolestes ferrugineus PDF
Y. Cao, Y. Li, G. Li S. 943
Study on the distribution of deltamethrin residues in stored wheat using sequential fractionation procedure PDF
Y. Zhang, S. Wang S. 947

Section: Integrated Pest Management

Optimizing heat treatments for management of stored-product insects in food-processing facilities PDF
B. Subramanyam S. 948
Fluorescent non-toxic bait as a new method for black rat (Rattus rattus) monitoring PDF
R. Aulický, M. Fraňková, P. Rödl, B. Eliášová, D. Frynta, V. Stejskal S. 950
Simulation model of the red flour beetle in flour mills PDF
P. W. Flinn, J. F. Campbell, J. E. Throne, B. Subramanyam S. 953
African Postharvest Losses Information System – a network for the estimation of cereal weight losses PDF
R. J. Hodges, M. Bernard, H. Knipschild, F. Rembold S. 956
Effect of storage management on free fatty acid content in dry cocoa beans PDF
W. A. Jonfia-Essien, S. Navarro S. 963
Spatial distribution of stored grain insects in a rice storage and processing facility in Brazil PDF
F. N. Lazzari, F. A. Lazzari, S. M. N. Lazzari, F. C. Ceruti S. 969
The potential of transgenic legumes in integrated bruchid management: assessing the impact on bruchid parasitoids PDF
C. Lüthi, F. Álvarez-Alfageme, J. Romeis S. 977
Influence of Sanitation on Post-Fumigation Pest Rebound PDF
L. Mason, W. Tsai, K. Ileleji S. 983
Post-harvest technology transfer to reduce on farm grain losses in Kitui district, Kenya PDF
K. Mutambuki, C. M. Ngatia, J. N. Mbugua S. 984
Integrated control of Ephestia cautella (Walker) in a confectionary factory PDF
S. Savoldelli, L. Süss S. 991
Arthropod monitoring in an automated pasta warehouse PDF
S. Savoldelli, E. Bruschi S. 993
Early detection of insect infestation in stored grain based on head space analysis of volatile compounds PDF
W. Laopongsit, G. Srzednicki S. 999
Summary of commercially available pheromones of common stored-product beetles PDF
P. Swords, A. Van Ryckeghem S. 1004
Summary of commercially available pheromones of common stored product moths PDF
P. Swords, A. Van Ryckeghem S. 1008
Protection of stored plant products from rodent pests using chlorophacinone PDF
M. Vukša, S. Đedović, G. Jokić, B. Stojnić S. 1011
The development of grain storage scientific and technical research in China and relevant theory exploration PDF
Z. Jin, W. Song, D. Guo, S. Lan, H. Xu, C. Tao, H. Wang, P. Tang S. 1016

Section: Quarantine and Regulatory

Phaseout of methyl bromide as a fumigant – will PQS uses continue? PDF
J. Banks S. 1023
Review of research on the control of pine wood nematode (Bursaphelenchus xylophilus) using the fumigant sulfuryl fluoride and current status for inclusion in ISPM No.15 PDF
S. Buckley S. 1024
The use of hand-held computers (PDAs) to audit and validate eradication of a post-border detection of Khapra Beetle, Trogoderma granarium, in Western Australia PDF
R. E. Emery, M. Chami, N. Garel, E. Kostas, D. C. Hardie S. 1031
A novel approach to limit the development of phosphine resistance in Western Australia PDF
C. R. Newman S. 1038
Evaluation of ozone treatment in vacuum for in-shell Brazil nuts shipment and aflatoxins PDF
V. M. Scussel, B. N. E. Giordano, V. Simao, D. Manfio, S. Galvao, J. N. Scussel S. 1045
Profitable chemical-free cowpea storage technology for smallholder farmers in Africa: opportunities and challenges PDF
D. Baributsa, J. Lowenberg-DeBoer, L. Murdock, B. Moussa S. 1046

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